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Tour Los Angeles

Through The eyes of an artist

Paint Iconic Landmarks in Los Angeles...

Next Class is in Marina del Rey

May 19, 4:00 -5:30

Call 213-304-0076

Treat Youself to a watercolor class with LA's Downtown Landmark Artist, Jennifer Cunningham. (no experience necessary)

Upcoming Onlocation Classes

  • Marina del Rey              May 19,     4:00-5:30

  • Angels Flight                  June 2, 11:00-12:30

  • Disney Hall                       June 23, 11:00-2:30

  • Santa Monica                 July 14,     4:00-5:30

  • Chinatown                       Aug 4, 11 :00-12:30

  • Visit iconic landmarks throughout the city.

  • Experience L.A. through the eyes of an artist.

  • Paint beautiful images of Los Angeles landmarks.

  • Create a postcard of your experience.

  • mail your postcard to friends and family. 



Jennifer Morey Cunningham.

Jennifer Cunningham moved to Los Angeles from Boston, fell in love with the city and started painting watercolors of the local landmarks and icons. Wanting to show others the wonder of painting outdoors she started “On Location Painting” classes. “En plein air” (open air) painting was started by the impressionists in the late 1800’s. Jennifer Cunningham say's, " Los Angeles is the new Paris”! It is exhilerating to respond to what you see with colors and gestures and to experience the vibrancy of a city alive with beauty and splender.

"Tourists Have an Opportunity To Make Their Los Angeles Visit a Creative Experience"

– Jennifer Cunningham

Whether you have affection for the sunny beaches of southern California, enjoy the hustle and bustle of the inner city life or the lavish lifestyle of the Beverly Hills jetset, you will get to experience all of it when you participate in Jennifer's inspiring watercolor classes in some of Los Angeles's most unique locations.

Create a Postcard of your experience and mail it back home!

For information about upcoming classes call 213-304-0076 or email her below. 

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