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Find Your Inner Artist

Paint the Magnificent Marina del Rey...

Next Class is Saturday

August 26, 5:00 - 6:30

Class is limited to the first ten people to join

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Enjoy a watercolor class in the beautiful Marina del Rey with LA's Downtown Landmark Artist, Jennifer Cunningham. (no experience necessary)

$60 per person and bring a friend for free!

Treat yourself to the gift of an experience!

  • Discover the beauty of the marina landscape.

  • Experience the natural high of finding your inner artist.

  • Become exhilarated in the great outdoors.

  • Create a painting worthy of framing.

  • Feel the joy of creating with friends.


Jennifer Morey Cunningham.

Jennifer Cunningham moved to Los Angeles from Boston, fell in love with the city and started painting watercolors of the local landmarks and icons. Wanting to show others the wonder of painting outdoors she started “On Location Painting” classes. “En plein air” (open air) painting was started by the impressionists in the late 1800’s. Jennifer Cunningham say's, " Los Angeles is the new Paris”! It is exhilerating to respond to what you see with colors and gestures and to experience the vibrancy of a city alive with beauty and splender.

"I set up a red carpet for you to have a creative experience! People arrive blocked artistically and leave with a painting to hang on the wall"

– Jennifer Cunningham

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